Sebastian Flemming || Welsh (From Wales, UK) || Becoming scientist|| 17 || Open

Sebastian Flemming was born in Wales, but moved to Colorado before the war started. He is a cousin of the Royal Family, so the FBI took him into the Camp to give him a chance to survive and to bring the “blue blood” into the new world.

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Lose me tonight or leave me tomorrow

Year 2017: Asia is united as the Asian Union. Europe and North America united as the Atlanic Union. In between the chaos of the eviroment and the politics, underground organizations started to fight against each other. This fight went out in the world. And soon, but sooner than everyone expected another war had started. The third world war. But nobody ever expected that there will be just a few people left at the world. The ones who survied in an war over 8 years. Colorado, America has a place where people try to surive together. They are the last humans at the world.